Secrets To Designing A Hotel Bedroom

Secrets To Designing A Hotel Bedroom

If you are the owner of a hotel, or else a designer who needs to plan a hotel bedroom, there are some vital tips to keep in mind. Whether it is a budget hotel or a five star, aim to give the room an edge.


The bed is the focal point of any bedroom. Thus, make sure it is also comfortable and well kept. In budget hotels, the bed will be merely functional without any trimmings. White bedding is best, as it creates a sense of cleanliness and simple elegance. Thus, choose the best quality linen you can find. Also focus on headboards for beds. Some budget hotels use an attractive headboard to draw attention to the bed. As for a luxury hotel, you’re free to splurge and decorate. Pick rich fabrics and textures and prop up some silky cushions against pillows. Also choose linen with a high thread count. A count of 400-600 will make guests feel as if they are truly on cloud nine.


In a budget hotel, the furniture will be compact and functional, so as to make the room look larger. For a business bedroom, you could use furniture that also focuses on function but choose larger pieces such as an office chair, a bureau and a straightforward sofa. With a luxury bedroom, you can of course focus on style and appearance. Pick high quality furniture with beautiful textures and patterns such as sofa windsor. Comfort is just as important as the luxury element.


Although lighting may not seem very important at first glance, it’s actually crucial in any room. Lighting should not only be functional in that it provides light- it should do so with style. Wall sconces and lamps especially provide a subdued glow and will immediately put your guests at ease. Avoid harsh lighting- the dimmer, the better. Also use lights to highlight points of interest.


Make the most of your space and use it wisely. For instance, the bed should never be facing the door. It should face away from it, against a different wall. This will provide a sense of security. If the bedroom is large, you could place more furniture in it to maximize space. Luxury hotels often do this. A budget room will use smaller furniture to make the room look less cluttered. To give an illusion of a larger space, pick curtains or rugs with horizontal stripes.

Use these handy hints to give guests the best possible treatment, so that they will be eager to return.