The Abcs Of Setting Up Shop In Dubai

The Abcs Of Setting Up Shop In Dubai

Starting a business is Dubai…

Have these words been in your mind recently? Is it also accompanied with a shine in your eyes? Has the place where you previously thought of only as a luxurious holiday destination suddenly come to appeal more to your business side as well? If it has, then we don’t blame you. After all, the luxurious city of the UAE is famous for business opportunities; especially for its foreigners.

But don’t pack up your bags just yet. Like everything else in life, launching a business in foreign soils too requires a few know-hows. If you don’t know them already, reading what’s bellow, followed by a little extra research will definitely help…

Being in the spot.

As far as foreign markets go, the UAE is definitely friendly to its strangers. But the important thing to remember if you plan to setup new business in Dubai; is that it is a city that is very much “in-person”. This means, if you actually want to see your enterprise reach any form of success, it will require you to be there physically as well. In order to form a strong relationship with your clients and business associates, it’s important that you both keep in touch with them, as well as have follow-up correspondence.

Speak their language, explore the culture, familiarize yourself with the traditions.

This is something which is vital to do, regardless to whether you plan to start business in Dubai or anywhere else on earth. But this is especially true in the middle east. Being familiar with the culture and traditions will help you minimize the “oops moments”, and could also save you from the bigger troubles that can lead to being jailed or deported! Knowing the language is, of course, an additional benefit; especially useful when securing clients, during negotiations and transactions.

Looking a part of the city.

If you’ve ever been to the city, you’d know that its citizens appreciate the finer things in life a little more than others. In the same way, they expect you (their business associate) to be dressed well and behave well. Manners can take you a long way with this crowd. You already know that in the business world, first impressions make a huge difference. And if you want to hit it off with these citizens, always make sure that you’re dressed well, and that you look well. Read this article to find out more about the benefits of a freezone company.

Understand the power of “word of mouth”.

It’s important in any market; but especially here. It’s a thing so powerful that it can either make or break your enterprise. Along with being polite and making an impression with your clients when you meet then, always remember to carry along business cards with you wherever you go. Another important thing to remember is that your business cards need to be printed bilingually; in both English and Arabic.