The Best Time To Give Someone A Present

The Best Time To Give Someone A Present

Presents are given on many occasions. A present is a symbol of appreciation and celebration. Everyone gets presents are there are many occasions a present can be given. A present could be anything, from something small to something big. It could even be something of emotional value or something that’s used daily. The following are times and occasions when presents are usually given,


Birthdays are usually when presents are mainly given. It marks the birth anniversary and of our aging. It’s a special day and is generally had with a party where friends and family are invited. Birthdays are mostly celebrated by children but adults celebrate it too albeit in a smaller scale. There are some instances where adults celebrate it in a bigger scale as well. Usually birthday presents would include anything ranging from toys for kids to clothes and other miscellaneous items.

Christmas and or other related holidays

Another example where gifts Dubai are given plentiful is Christmas. Christmas is a joyful and wondrous time from many people. It’s the month of celebration. Presents are given to everyone, especially children. Presents are given out throughout the day. Christmas Mornings are usually when the children are made to believe Santa Claus had brought those presents and thereafter the adults exchange their presents. Christmas is celebrated the whole day.


Presents are usually received on the scale of a wedding. Large scale weddings with many guests’ would mean more presents and small scale weddings with fewer guests’ would means less presents. In a wedding, presents could include Fridges, TV’s and items needed for a household. This is because the new couple would need these items for themselves when living together.

Wedding anniversaries and other similar anniversaries.

Wedding anniversaries are a remembrance of being married. The wedding anniversaries are usually celebrated as 1 year (paper anniversary), 25 years (Silver anniversary), 50 years (Gold anniversary) and so on. These anniversaries could be private and only between the spouses. In this case each spouse receives a gift. Anniversaries can also be celebrated with friends and family. Anniversary presents could be simple such a buying flowers from a flowershop Dubai or pricier options such as clothing and jewelry.

Fathers’ day and mothers’ day

It is important to show gratitude towards our parents. Fathers and mothers’ day gives us the opportunity to do so. The present can be very simple and it could something made by you. What’s important is the gesture.


There are many other occasions where presents can be given. Above are the most common occasions. A present is an important gesture and it should bring happiness to the person we are giving it to. It is tradition that will remain for years to come.